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Brook Farm Vineyards

Perched at an elevation of 1,240 feet, Brook Farm Vineyards reflects the best of Vermont’s mountainous landscape. The five acre vineyard is tucked into the Okemo valley overlooking the mountains. Vermont is a growing viticulture area specializing in cold hardy grape varietals. Vermont’s clean air and cool breezes sweep through the vineyard on late summer afternoons, slowing the ripening and encouraging flavor and character development in the grapes. Our vineyard lies in the heart of Okemo Mountain where fields and streams abound. The rows of our vines undulate over the rolling hills they are planted on, their roots exploring the diverse silt and loam soils beneath them. Currently, our estate features six wine grape varieties Marquette, Foch, Edelweiss, St. Croix, and Petite Pearl. The diversity of our grape varietals reflects the dynamic nature of our site.

Brook Farm Vineyards

4203 Twenty Mile Stream Rd.
Proctorsville, VT 05153

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