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Baking with Maple

The all-natural, subtle sweetness of maple is a welcome ingredient in most baked goods, just ask Instructor Robyn Sargent of the Baking Education Center at King Arthur Flour. The Baking Education Center offers an array of classes aimed at helping the home chef bake like the pros and their recent Maple Madness class taught budding bakers how to celebrate one of Vermont’s most prized resources! Robyn generously shares her dos and don’ts for substituting maple for other sweeteners, and one of the delicious recipes featured in the class--a Maple Walnut Tart with maple syrup in both the crust, and the filling!  

How does Robyn use maple in her recipes?

“You can sub maple for any liquid sweetener, be it corn syrup, honey or molasses but it’s more challenging to replace regular sugar with maple and not throw off your liquid/dry ingredient ratio. However, for bread and cookie making, feel free to use up to two tablespoons of maple syrup and just increase your flour by a bit to accommodate the increased liquid. Be sure to use darker syrup to not lose the subtle flavor of the maple—now called Grade A, Dark/Robust Flavor.“

Here is King Arthur Flour’s Maple Walnut Tart recipe, and check out the Baking Education Center schedule for a great lineup of baking classes.   

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